Private-Boarding-School-265x190Boarding School today are pretty much different from what they used to be. New studies suggest that present-day boarding schools cater to a divergent body of students who study and live in inclusive academic institutions which foster independence and responsibility. These traditional values help the students achieve at higher rates as compared to those who are enrolled in public or private schools.

Here are some pertinent data based on studies and research conducted among students in three different academic institutions namely: boarding schools, private and public schools.

Boarding School students and alumni report that they are very much satisfied with their academic experience. In fact, 90% of boarding school students reported having excellent instructors as compared to 62% of private and 51% of public school students. Furthermore, boarding schools seem to have the edge in terms of encouraging positive personal development among students.

boarding-school-excellence-montpellier-m310113-p1Boarding schools play an important role in shaping the values and ethics of their students thus paving the way for the development of a wide array of desirable traits in a cancillary and highly motivational environment. More importantly, boarding schools give as much premium to character development as they do to academic performance which fosters the development of well-rounded individuals.

Boarding school students report that they are very much confident and well prepared for college. In a survey involving 100 students from each of the three types of schools, 87% of students from boarding schools reported that they are very well prepared for college as compared to 71% from private schools students and only 39% from public school students.

Lastly, research shows that boarding school alumni advance faster in their chosen careers and are generally more philanthropic. This reflects the fact that boarding school graduates are typically more successful in terms of better career advancement as compared to the alumni of private and public schools.

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